What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

“I received a tremendous gift in the mail last week. I’m very grateful for your book. I’ve been up late learning much about the great history of this regiment. Thanks so much for your efforts in capturing this forever.”
— Lieutenant Colonel H. Clint Kirk IV, Commander, 2nd Battalion, 5th Infantry, Fort Bliss, TX. <

“Sam, I love your book; a profoundly interesting history of our unit.”
— Carl Amedio, Recon Platoon, 1968-69.

“Sam, I finished Two Centuries of Valor and wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed it. I had no idea that the Bobcats were involved in and influenced so much of our country’s history. I feel you did a great job of putting it all together and in such an interesting way. My hats off to you. You not only tried, sir, but you succeeded.”
— Jeff McGrath, Bravo Company, 1968-69.

“Sam, your book is outstanding!!”
— Jeff Brodeur, Alpha Company, 1983-86

“I am amazed at the detail in the book regarding some of the events/actions that took place so many years ago during the war with Mexico and the campaigns against the Indians. . .I found Two Centuries of Valor very interesting and easy to read. I would highly recommend it.”
— Fred Deverse, Charlie and Alpha Companies, 1966-67

“Hello Sam, I just got off the phone with Don Clancy. He received his copy of your book with the inscription that you wrote to him. He was very pleased with the recognition that you accorded him and is proud to display it and share with his fellow veterans. Thank you for your kindness and eloquence. He is quite deserving. I also received my copy. Your book is quite an intensive research endeavor, considering the minute details that you have included over the span of history of the 5th Regiment. Every person who has ever served in the 5th Regiment should have a copy of this book for personal reference and for a sense of pride in our military heritage. Thank you for all of your efforts to provide this very valuable piece of history for us to cherish.”
— Ric Myer, Medic, Recon Platoon, 1 Bn/5 Inf Regt, 1967-68