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Two Centuries of Valor

is the first fully comprehensive historical account of the 5th United States Infantry Regiment. It chronicles one hundred ninety-nine years of active service of the regiment as it fought in most of its nation’s wars from the War of 1812 to the War on Terror, and during its many years of peacetime service from the Minnesota wilderness to the Sinai Peninsula. The information was derived from earlier regimental histories, monthly command and after-action reports, award citations, archived newspaper accounts, biographical sources and correspondence with dozens of living veterans from World War II to men who are currently on active duty.

It is a story of courage, sacrifice and missions accomplished.

“Dr. Kier’s history of the 5th stands out as a well-written effort to do historic justice to a great fighting unit. It is the definitive history of the Bobcats.”
— Butch Sincock, Executive Director, 25th Infantry Division Association.

“I had the opportunity to briefly scan your “Two Centuries of Valor: The Story of the 5th Infantry Regiment”, while attending our recent Bobcat reunion. As the current Honorary Colonel of the 5th Infantry Regiment, I am delighted to know that you have made a major contribution in documenting the past and present events of the Army’s finest and third oldest regiment. That you have spent three years in research and writing this book is, in itself, most noteworthy and commendable.”
— Major General Andrew H. Anderson, USA (Ret.), (Commander, 1st Battalion, 5th Infantry, Vietnam, 1968.